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Proudly posted here is a "rogues gallery" listing of many of the individuals proud to associate themselves with, and be part of, The Flatwater Shakespeare Company, starting with short biographies of our two primary founders.

Bob Hall, Artistic Director
Bob Hall Bob has been a director and production designer for over thirty years, many while a resident of New York City. He has been a guest artist at Cornell University, the University of Virginia, the Juilliard School, Hastings College, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He served as Artistic Director for six years with the Nebraska Repertory Theatre. He has directed in regional and off-Broadway theaters, and been associated with both the Nebraska Shakespeare Festival in Omaha and the Orlando Shakespeare Festival in Florida, where he coordinated workshops with actors and scholars. Bob is also a successfully published playwright for The Passion of Dracula, an adaptation of Bram Stoker's thriller, co-written by Bob and David Richmond. The Passion of Dracula ran off-Broadway for two years, and continues to be a popular show nationwide -- especially around Halloween. Bob was named a Nebraska Artist of the Year in the 2010 Governor’s Arts Awards.

Stephen Buhler, Education Director and Past Board Chair
Stephen Buhler Stephen is Aaron Douglas Professor of English at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Previously Director of the Medieval and Renaissance Studies program at UNL and research fellow at the Huntington and Folger Shakespeare Libraries, he has also served as actor, composer, director, dramaturg, musician, sound designer, and text editor for Flatwater and other ensembles. He has conducted regional and national workshops on the teaching and performance of Shakespeare and has published numerous articles on Renaissance literature and its connections with the performing arts. His book Shakespeare in the Cinema: Ocular Proof is considered a definitive text on strategies employed in adapting Shakespeare's plays for the screen.

Flatwater Shakespeare Adminstrative Staff, continued
Deni Kornbluh, Business Manager
Patrick Lambrecht: Web Site Creation and Management

Flatwater Shakespeare Company Board of Directors
Stephen Hilliard, Chair
Dan Sloan, Treasurer
Sasha Dobson, Vice Chair
Molly Thomas, Secretary
Stephen Buhler Past Chair
Diane Bartels
Andy Dillehay
Diane Gonzales
Lori Raphael
Michelle Zinke  

Artistic and Other Allies include (in alphabetical order)
Annie Aspergen: Music
Liz Banset: Past Board Chair
James Barnes: Original Music
Dianne Bohlken: Facility Management, the Swan at Wyuka
Dorothy Booraem: Video, Sound Crew
Teresa Buhler: Sound Crew
Rob Burt: Nebraska Youth Theatre
Catherine Coffey: Assistant Stage Manager
Andrea Collins: Program Design and Production
Kathryn Burton Cover: Costume Design
William M. Cover II: Fight Choreography
Tom Crew: Youth Director, Past Managing Director
Jordan Deffenbaugh: Flatwater Youth Directing
Andy Dillehay: Tour Location Manager
Sasha Dobson: Arts Are Basic Program Direction
Brooke Erks: Stage Management
Folger Shakespeare Library: Educational Outreach
Beth Govaerts: Choreography
Kandra Hahn: Community Outreach
Haymarket Theatre: Rehearsal and Performance Space (Collaboration)
Cabe Harwood: Sound Board Operator
William Hegwood: Sound Crew
Robert Hillestad: Textile and Set Design
John Himmelberger: Lighting Design
Catherine Honeyman: Special Construction and Design
Richard Imig: Set Construction
Vince Learned: Original Music
Lincoln Arts Council: Rehearsal Space
Lincoln Community Playhouse: Rehearsal and Performance Space
Lincoln Parks and Recreation: Tour Locations
John Marinovich: Fight Choreography
Jeanne Marlette: Costumes
Mark Mesarch: Lighting
Dawn Marie Moe: Past Board Member
John Nollendorfs: Photography and Print Work
Melissa Lewis Nuss: Past Board Member
Paul O’Hara: Past Board Member
Paul Pearson: Wigs, Hair and Makeup
Lori Raphael: Past Liason with Wyuka Foundation
Sydney Ray: Sound Crew and Assistant to the Director
Lynne Hazuka Ridge: Costume Design
Margy Ryan: Volunteer Coordination, Front of House
St. Mark's on the Campus Episcopal Church: Rehearsal Space
Peter Salter: Program Design
Richard Schroeder: Props and Lighting Design
Jan Stauffer: Costume Design
Studio Two: Rehearsal Space, Meeting Space
UNL Department of English: Educational Outreach
UNL Medieval and Renaissance Studies: Educational Outreach
UNL Department of Theatre Arts and New Media: Rehearsal Space
Deb Waechter: Stage Management
Bonnie Whittier: Box Office
Dustin Witte: Properties Design and Construction, Set Design, Tour Location Manager
Ben Wozniak: Lighting Design
Michele Zinke: Production and Stage Management

Our Actors (and their productions)

Charlotte Akin - (IBE)
Rachel Albin - (RJ)
Paden Alexander - (KL, R3, MWW, JC, Cyr)
Maggie Austin - (MWW, MND, TN)
Liz Banset - (MM, H5)
Will Bennett - (Mac, RJ, L3, TS, TGV)
Justin Baldinger - (KL, R3, JC)
Marie Barrett - (O)
Mark Bestul - (JC, O)
Lora Black - (Mac)
Becky Key Boesen - (TM, MWW)
Brad Boesen - (Mac, MM, H5, OV, CE, RJ, KL, TM, R3, JC, O)
Noelle Bohaty - (AC, O)
Alice Bolin - (CE, L3)
Mary Bolin - (R3, JC)
Tom Bolin - (RJ, L3, TM, TS, R3, IBE, JC, MND, AiA1, AiA2)
Tom Bothwell - (RJ)
William Bryant - (O)
Stephen Buhler - (CE, MWW, O)
Rob Burt - (CE, RJ, L3, KL, TS, R3, IBE, JC, H, MND)
Catherine Coffey - (MND)
Sam Colwell - (L3, R3, MWW)
Mandy Craigie - (RJ)
Colin Creveling - (RJ)
Tom Crew - (Mac, TM, TS, IBE, MWW, JC, TGV, TN)
Kara Davidson - (KL)
Michael De La Rosa - (TN)
Jordan Deffenbaugh - (MND)
Andy Dillehay - (TGV, AC, AiA1, MND, AiA2, TN)
Sasha Dobson - (KL, MWW)
Mary Douglass* - (RJ, AiA1, O, AiA2)
Stephen A. Gaines* - (MM, H5, Mac, KL, L3, TS)
Jen Gleason - (MM)
Scott Glen - (H)
Elizabeth Govaerts - (AiA1, AiA2)
Bob Hall* - (H)
George Hansen* - (H5, Mac, KL, TS, R3)
Matthew Hansen - (MM)
Judith K. Hart* - (R3)
Robie Hayek - (TS, MWW, TGV, MND)
Darin Hemmer - (MM, CE, RJ, KL, TM, TS, TGV, AC, MND, O, AiA2, Cyr)
Scott Herr - (R3, JC, AC)
Catherine Hoage - (RJ)
Jim Hopkins - (H5)
Richard Imig - (MM, H5, Mac, L3, TS, TN)
Shade Ingraham - (TN)
Amy Jirsa - (MM, OV, Mac, CE, L3, TS, O, Cyr)
Ryan Kathman - (MWW)
Jenny Holm - (MND)
Laura Holman Kendall - (MM)
Chloe Kessler - (R3)
Julie Kinkennon - (Mac, CE, L3, TM, JC)
Mark Klemetsrud - (MM)
Daniel Kubert - (AC, AiA1)
David Landis - (MM, Mac, Cyr)
Matthew Landis - (H5)
Vince Learned - (AC, Cyr)
Mike Lee - (TGV, MND, TN)
Melissa Lewis - (OV, Mac, TS, MWW, H, AC, TN)
Matt Lukasiewicz - (Mac, RJ, KL, AiA1, AiA2)
Summer Widhalm Lukasiewicz - (Mac, AiA1, AiA2, TN)
John Marinovich - (Mac, CE, JC, O, TN)
Emily Martinez - (TGV)
Jennifer Matlock - (Mac)
Hunter Maude - (Mac, RJ, JC)
Matt Maude - (H5)
Janet McKinley - (MM)
Katrina Mertz - (RJ)
Cory Misek - (MND, O, TN)
Erick Mishler - (Mac)
Dawn Marie Moe - (AC)
Larry Mota - (Mac, MM, H5, CE, L3, KL, MWW, JC)
Maya Naff - (IBE, TGV)
Linda Nettland - (RJ)
Dick Nielsen - (Mac, MM, H5, CE, RJ, L3, KL, TM, TS, R3, MWW, JC, AC, AiA1, AiA2, TN)
Chloe Nore - (MWW)
Christian Novotny - (MND)
Melissa Lewis Nuss - (OV, Mac, TS, MWW, H, AC)
Chris O'Connor - (O)
Eric Ojeda - (AC, MND)
Bret Olsen - (TGV)
Dave Owens - (Mac, CE, RJ, L3, KL)
James Palagi - (Cyr)
Kat Palagi - (Cyr)
Paul Pearson - (MND)
Lindsey Peters - (R3, Cyr)
Justin Rae - (Mac)
Sydney Ray - (MND)
Juanita Pat Rice* - (R3)
Nate Ruleaux - (MND)
Margy Ryan - (Mac, CE, RJ, TS, IBE, Cyr)
Sean Schmeits - (MM, H5, CE, RJ, L3)
Richard Sibley - (CE, RJ, L3, KL, R3, AC, O)
Madison Smith - (MND)
Nora Smith - (H5)
Clay Stevens - (L3, TGV, TN)
Trent Stork - (MWW)
Joel Story - (RJ*, MWW)
Fred Stuart - (MM, RJ, L3, KL, TM)
Peter Swanke - (MWW, MND)
Andrea Swartz - (OV, CE, KL, TM, AC, TN)
Jessie Kenner Tidball - (MND)
Jeff Tinnean - (JC, H, AC)
Elbert Traylor - (TM, MWW, JC)
Sally Vandeberghe - (R3)
Lettie Van Hemert - (L3)
Deborah Waechter - (Mac, RJ, JC)
Gage Wallace - (MWW, TGV)
Mikael Walter - (RJ, L3)
Jessica Watson - (MM)
Nathan Weiss - (IBE, MWW, JC, H, AC, AiA1, AiA2, Cyr)
Shaun White - (AC)
Dane Whittier - (RJ)
Petrea Whittier - (TM, IBE, TGV, MND)
Robert Williams - (MWW)
Harper Wilmoth - (R3)
K. C. Wilson* - (MM)
Dustin Witte - (JC, TGV, AC, AiA1)
Josh Woolery - (MND)

AiA1 = Angels in America, Part One, 2011
AiA2 = Angels in America, Part Two, 2012
AC = Antony and Cleopatra, 2010
CE = The Comedy of Errors, 2006
Cyr = Cyrano de Bergerac, 2012
H = The Homecoming, 2010
H5 = Henry V, 2005
IBE = The Importance of Being Earnest, 2009
JC = Julius Caesar, 2009
KL = King Lear, 2007
L3 = Love's Labor's Lost, 2007
Mac = Macbeth, 2006
MM = Measure for Measure, 2005
MND = A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 2011
MWW = The Merry Wives of Windsor, 2009
O = Othello, 2011
OV = On the Verge, 2005
R3 = Richard III, 2008
RJ = Romeo and Juliet, 2006
TGV = The Two Gentlemen of Verona, 2010
TN = Twelfth Night, 2012
TM = The Misanthrope, 2008
TS = The Taming of the Shrew, 2008
* = Member of Actors' Equity Association